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Author Bio
Chris Peltz is a software consultant in HP's Developer Resource Organization, providing consulting on J2EE, Web services, and mobile architectures. His September presentation at HP World 2002 in Los Angeles outlined practical steps for making a Web services pilot successful. He will speak later this year at HP Software Universe in Lisbon, Portugal. He has more than 10 years of experience in object-oriented development, user interface design, Web development, and J2EE architectures. He can be reached at chris.peltz@hp.com.
For Enterprise Zone | January 14, 2003
Once developers recognize certain design issues and patterns, the first barrier to Web services development is conquered. In this second article in a five-part series, we cut through another barrier with common sense guidance to help developers gain proficiency quickly and avoid the most common problems.
For Enterprise Zone | January 7, 2003
Although the model of Web service interoperability is straightforward, it introduces new development practices and methodologies that can be difficult to learn. However, it can be a short-lived hurdle if you recognize certain patterns to design issues.
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