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Author Bio
Chris Preimesberger is a contributing editor for DevX based in Redwood City, California, who specializes in Java, open source, and wireless-related topics. He has written and edited for several publications, such as Software Development Magazine, Dr. Dobb's Journal, PlanetIT (now TechWeb)—and even the Los Angeles Lakers Game Day program.
For DevX | October 23, 2002
Cross-platform .NET development is imminent, but the purpose, the feature set, and the platform support varies. We were curious about the development of the various open source implementations of Microsoft .NET's Common Language Runtime, so we talked to the key developers in charge of each of three CLI implementations—Mono, Rotor, and Portable .NET—to find out what exactly they've built, how they did it, and how they compare. What we found might surprise you.
For Wireless Zone | July 30, 2002
A front-line soldier in the BREW development trenches, RocketMobile's Shane Conder, tells the inside-out story about what the environment is really like and how best to utilize it for fun and profit—mostly profit
For Judging Java | July 1, 2001
More and more Java-related projects are on the drawing boards, but the number of qualified programmers is not keeping pace.
For Judging Java | June 1, 2001
Transcript of James Gosling interview, April 26, 2001, Mountain View, Calif.
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