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Craig Davis has been a developer for 11 years, a Web developer for 6 of those years and is currently the Web Development Manager at Crucial Technology—a Division of Micron. Craig can be contacted via e-mail at craig@chilibean.com.
For VB-2-the-Max | February 9, 2002
Web Developers love speed. Whether it's fast cars or fast code, raw power and high speed will get the most mundane developer pumped up. It's our nature. Sure, developers seek application horsepower to help the business, but underlying this pragmatism is the reality that we enjoy trying to eke out every last drop of speed from our applications. In the process, our sites run faster, our customers are happier and we are temporarily satiated...until the next need for speed arises. If you have a need for speed and aren't sure of the best way to get data using ADO.NET—then this article is for you.
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