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Author Bio
Dan Jurden is a Senior Application Developer for EPS-Software Corp. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and co-authored the book "Creating Visual FoxPro Applications Using Visual FoxExpress" with Bob Archer, published by Hentzenwerke Publishing. Dan was also the Technical Editor for "CrysDev: A Developer's Guide to Integrating Crystal Reports," also published by Hentzenwerke Publishing. He has authored articles published in CoDe Magazine, Fox Talk, MSDN Brazil, SDGN Magazine, and Universal Thread Magazine, dealing with SQL Server, .NET, MySQL, VFP, and other topics. Dan has presented topics at the German DevCon, Essential Fox, SQL Server Live!, SDC Netherlands, and GLGDW conferences. He has been developing client/server applications using SQL Server Crystal Reports for over eight years.
For CoDe Magazine | December 13, 2004
You have been given the task of creating some business objects for a new .NET project. The UI has not been created (or designed) yet, so you start coding right away. After creating the first few objects, you decide that maybe you should do some unit testing. This article shows you how.
For CoDe Magazine | January 9, 2004
Smart tags in Office 2003 have been improved to make them easier to develop and to address a few limitations that were found in Office XP. You can now create recognizers for smart tag Lists, which are XML documents, by using regular expressions. The Type Library has also been extended for more power when creating smart tags via code.
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