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More articles by Dan McCreary

Author Bio
Dan McCreary is a data strategy consultant living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dan helps organizations create enterprisewide metadata strategies. He is interested in XForms, semantic web technologies, and declarative systems. Contact Dan at dan@danmccreary.com.
For Web Development Zone | March 27, 2009
XQuery enables you to take advantage of the inherent structure of web pages to create easy-to-write and -maintain data extracts, a building block for new ad-hoc web applications called mashups.
For Semantic Web Zone | February 5, 2009
Learn how to extract document semantics with Apache UIMA.
For Semantic Web Zone | April 17, 2008
As ontologists and business strategists incorporate semantic web technologies in large organizations, they experience a natural growing pains process. This article will help you through that process.
For Semantic Web Zone | June 23, 2007
Precise semantics for data elements allow sets of highly specialized languages to evolve quickly, giving you concise, little languages as an alternative to procedural languages for creating business applications.
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