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Author Bio
Dave Dolan works as a Systems Administrator for Concurrent Technologies Corporation where he regularly builds .NET based Web applications to integrate and automate enterprise systems. He is currently studying the associative memory model of computing, and developing solutions utilizing associative database technology. For more of his writing, visit http://davedolan.com.
For Ruby Special Report | May 1, 2007
As good as C# is, it's not always the best language for simple tasks. Enter Ruby, an interpreted, dynamically typed language that enables simple tasks with simple code.
For Vista Special Report | March 1, 2007
Although simple Sidebar gadgets are "DHTML applets" with limited functionality, you can enhance them using .NET components exposed as ActiveX controls through COM Interop.
For .NET Zone | December 5, 2006
You don't have to rely on libraries and frameworks to avoid writing repetitive code; instead, learn to generate such code automatically, using a custom input format to describe the code you want to generate.
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