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More articles by David Hemphill

Author Bio
David Hemphill is the Lead Architect at Gearworks, a Minn.-based company that specializes in wireless workforce automation. He is also the co-author of "Java 2 Micro Edition" (Manning). David is also a member of the Sun-Certified J2ME Exam expert group.
For Wireless Zone | February 5, 2005
Game developers have been using MIDP since its inception, but it was only with the release of MIDP 2.0 that this platform included tools specifically made for game development. Learn how these five new classes can help you create richer, more smoothly-animated graphics.
For Wireless Zone | December 9, 2004
MIDP offers the ability to store data locally on the device. This is a distinct advantage over browser-based approaches, especially when the user moves out of network coverage. Find out how to use the MIDP Record Management System (RMS) to store application data for offline browsing.
For Wireless Zone | October 26, 2004
Text messaging rapidly surfaced as the killer app of the wireless space. Find out how to integrate text messaging into your J2ME applications using the Wireless Messaging APIs.
For Wireless Zone | September 2, 2004
J2ME supports a Generic Connection Framework that provides a variety of standard network connectivity options. Find out how to take advantage of J2ME networking in your applications.
For Wireless Zone | July 2, 2004
MIDP provides a low-level API for fine-grained control over the application user interface. However, applications wanting to make use of these features also inherit a lot of responsibility and risk. Find out the benefits and pitfalls of using the MIDP low-level APIs.
For Wireless Zone | June 3, 2004
MIDP supports a user interface framework that caters to mobile devices by providing a number of built-in controls. Find out how these controls enable the portability of applications between devices.
For Wireless Zone | May 4, 2004
The Mobile Media APIs provide a rich and extensible framework for playing and capturing a wide variety of media on mobile devices. Find out how to add sizzle to your application using these features.
For XML with Java | April 19, 2004
This tip describes how a MIDlet declares permissions using an example JAD file.
For Wireless Zone | April 8, 2004
Security has always been central to the MIDP specification, but the new MIDP 2.0 goes well beyond the first version's sandbox method. Find out how to use the new protection domains in 2.0.
For Wireless Zone | February 18, 2004
Learn how to push your MIDlets up to first-class status on a range of mobile devices using the PushRegistry.
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