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Author Bio

David Needle is the West Coast bureau chief at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, the network for technology professionals..

For Enterprise Zone | February 23, 2011
Web-based test will offer certification in such as areas as deployment of Google Apps.
For Wireless Zone | October 12, 2010
For developers, mobile was a key growth area. Elance noted that geolocation services are becoming increasingly important to businesses looking to attract customers online via their mobile devices.
For Enterprise Zone | October 8, 2010
Developers who continue to focus on desktop computing may be in for a rude awakening.
For Enterprise Zone | September 14, 2010
Integrated graphics, improved security and other enhancements are all on tap for Intel's next Core processors.
For Architecture Zone | September 10, 2010
Survey indicates a majority of employees wait up to a week or more for software they've asked for and 15 percent never get it all.
For Web Development Zone | August 10, 2010
Elance says demand for contract jobs online in skill areas like Google App Engine, HTML5 and search engine optimization is growing rapidly.
For Wireless Zone | May 21, 2010
With over 100,000 new activations a day, Google's Android software is hot, but the finished version of Google's newer Chrome OS hasn't shipped yet. What's Google's strategy?
For Web Development Zone | May 10, 2010
The social publishing site abandons Adobe's Flash after three years in favor of HTML5, in the latest black eye for Flash since Apple CEO Steve Jobs's criticism of the technology.
For Enterprise Zone | May 6, 2010
Kevin Lynch said Adobe's already proven its multimedia Flash software can run effectively on the iPhone and claims Apple's ban is not about the technology. So what will Adobe do next?
For Web Development Zone | April 29, 2010
In a rare missive posted on Apple's site, the CEO calls Adobe's Flash player a "closed system" that doesn't adhere to modern, open Web standards.
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