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Author Bio
David Talbot is the vice president of development for Data Systems International, a company that develops case-management software for the social services industry. His experience ranges from license-plate recognition using neural networks to television set-top boxes to highly scalable Web applications. He is also the author of Applied ADO.NET.
You can build rich Silverlight controls without monolithic IDEs; all you need is a little JavaScript, Notepad, and your imagination.
For .NET Zone | May 23, 2007
Nearly everything about the the newest version of the RichTextBox has changed except its purpose as a formatting text editor control. Find out how you can take advantage of the new features.
For .NET Zone | May 10, 2007
Learning to use and design lookless controls can free your WPF applications from the boring monotony of gray buttons forever.
For AJAX Framework Roundup | December 5, 2006
Free AJAX libraries are multiplying like bunnies in the spring. Here's some guidance to help you sift through the dozens of options and choose the one—or ones—that best suite your environment and objective.
For Web Development Zone | April 17, 2006
The recently released Yahoo! UI libraries provide cross-browser DHTML and AJAX capabilities with a commercial-friendly BSD License. Unfortunately poor documentation, verbose syntax, and incomplete capabilities mar the experience.
For Database Development Zone | January 11, 2005
Many government agencies needing HIPAA compliance, such as HUD, require encryption of certain database columns. For systems tracking victims of domestic abuse, it's critical to encrypt personally identifiable data. Fortunately, implementing encrypted database columns is simple using .NET and SQL Sever 2000.
For .NET Zone | December 28, 2004
Controls with subtle animated effects can spice up a WinForms UI, but they can also significantly degrade application performance. By caching the rendered states of your controls, you can dramatically reduce the performance penalty.
For Editorials and Opinions | December 7, 2004
When the architect job title slipped into the software development lexicon, software engineers became more concerned with building ego-driven monuments than functional skyscrapers.
For .NET Zone | October 21, 2002
.NET Remoting provides a powerful way to use remote objects as if they existed locally, using interfaces and the factory pattern.
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