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More articles by Deborah Gage

Author Bio
Deborah Gage is an award-winning journalist who has been writing about business and technology from Silicon Valley for over 15 years.
For Enterprise Zone | August 11, 2011
Companies using an enterprise CMS like SharePoint can have a very difficult time meeting the e-discovery demands of a lawsuit.
For Enterprise Zone | November 1, 2010
Popular technologies for acquisition include storage, data management, virtual machine management, performance management and security - the more automated, the better.
For Security Zone | October 28, 2010
Sixteen security acquisitions in the last 100 days have a total value of more than $10 billion.
For Enterprise Zone | October 18, 2010
There's a lot of technical work to be done before the cloud works as seamlessly as the hype would have us believe.
For Web Development Zone | September 18, 2010
"Ads will become so relevant that they are a true value exchange with you," a Google exec says.
For Enterprise Zone | September 16, 2010
Do's and don'ts from executives on how your startup should try to sell them new technology.
For Enterprise Zone | September 4, 2010
All of the big virtualization vendors are pushing the technology as a way to solve problems in healthcare, and more healthcare providers are trying it out.
For Enterprise Zone | September 2, 2010
Customers and analysts attending VMware's annual VMworld conference wondered repeatedly about how secure virtualization is.
For Web Development Zone | August 21, 2010
Augmented reality is already providing lots of opportunity for developers, and it's expected to become big business within the next 10 to 15 years.
For Enterprise Zone | August 16, 2010
Don't acquire companies with a different culture, the Cisco CEO tells CTOs at a Stanford forum.
For Open Source Zone | August 2, 2010
Open source software has matured, it's better supported and more organizations are giving it a try.
For Security Zone | May 29, 2010
As the government pours billions into utilities to create an intelligent network, standards bodies are working to secure the emerging grid so it doesn’t become a repeat of the PC industry.
For Enterprise Zone | May 21, 2010
The well-attended talk was a primer from two Google engineers who found themselves accidentally thrust into leadership roles.
For Enterprise Zone | May 20, 2010
The main focus at Google I/O was how the search giant could attract more customers to its three-year-old enterprise business.
For Enterprise Zone | May 12, 2010
This morning's launch webcast -- which was conducted in 66 countries and was powered by Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 -- was not without glitches.
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