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More articles by Deepak Vohra

Author Bio
Deepak Vohra is an O'Reilly technical reviewer, who reviewed the book WebLogic: The Definitive Guide. He's also a NuBean consultant and web developer, and is a Sun Certified Java 1.4 Programmer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer for J2EE.
For Java Zone | September 21, 2007
A portal provides users with a unified presentation of portlets generated from disparate data sources. Learn how to develop a JSF portlet with JDeveloper and run it in Oracle's WebCenter Framework.
For Web Development Zone | June 9, 2007
Apply an open source framework that gives you the functionality of AJAX and the best of JSF to validate data entries dynamically on the server side.
For XML Zone | May 8, 2007
Oracle's XDK 10G extends JAXP to make reading, writing, and querying XML easy.
For Web Development Zone | April 27, 2007
Learn how to use the open source Direct Web Remoting (DWR) library to dynamically generate JavaScript that includes a callback function parameter for web page updates in AJAX applications.
For Database Development Zone | February 7, 2007
Using a SQL Server back end with a Java application server may sound like an unnatural proposition but there's no need to bow to such arbitrary limitations. In this article you'll get step-by-step instructions on making a JDBC connection between the four most popular Java application servers and Microsoft SQL Server.
For Web Development Zone | November 7, 2006
The XMLHttpRequest object is at the technological root of all AJAX and Web 2.0 applications. Although software vendors and the open source community now supply many AJAX frameworks that simplify using the XMLHttpRequest object, it's still worth your time to know the fundamentals.
For Web Development Zone | August 11, 2006
You don't have to write repetitive manual code to display database tables or apply transformations to display XML documents in your JSP Web applications; the Jakarta XTags tag library provides an easy way to apply an XSLT stylesheet to XML data.
For XML Zone | July 27, 2006
Oracle's XML SQL (XSU) is a Java API that provides XML-to-SQL (and the reverse—SQL-to-XML) mapping services, letting you map XML elements to database table columns so you can store and retrieve XML documents with ease.
For Java Zone | June 12, 2006
While XSLT alone is powerful, extending it with implementation-specific Java functions gives you all the power you could want.
For Java Zone | May 15, 2006
Find out how much you can simplify your EJB code by working through these examples, which show the process for migrating EJBs to version 3.0.
For Java Zone | April 13, 2006
DOM 3.0 validation techniques let you discover which elements and attributes you can add or remove from an XML document, ensuring in advance that planned modifications won't alter the overall validity of the document—all without revalidating the entire document.
For Java Zone | March 23, 2006
Using Oracle's XDK 10g, you can reduce the process of comparing XML documents to a simple set of library calls that let you determine if the documents are the same, see what the differences are, or use the compare information to generate other documents.
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