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For Devx Daily News | August 17, 2015
Big Blue also announced new Linux-only mainframe hardware.
For Devx Daily News | June 18, 2015
Several top Microsoft execs are out of work.
For Devx Daily News | May 6, 2015
The mobile analytics vendor has been growing its market share by acquiring the competition.
For Devx Daily News | April 23, 2015
A new initiative will focus on building security into the development process.
For Devx Daily News | September 22, 2014
Sources say the talks with HP have broken down.
For Devx Daily News | June 25, 2014
Security remains a major concern surrounding mobile adoption.
For Devx Daily News | June 23, 2014
The new offering will give enterprises more control of physical hardware.
For Devx Daily News | April 22, 2014
BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager aims to help enterprise development and operations teams collaborate.
For Devx Daily News | February 21, 2014
The forked version of the code is now available for download.
For Devx Daily News | February 6, 2014
The company doesn't mind if employees contribute to projects that compete with its own.
For Devx Daily News | January 9, 2014
Security is still the biggest challenge for cloud computing.
For Devx Daily News | November 27, 2012
The cloud computing environment gets 36 new types of servers.
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