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More articles by Doug Tillman

Author Bio
Doug Tillman is a veteran Java and Python developer turned Scrum Master.
For Enterprise Zone | April 12, 2007
Learn different ways to tease information out of your Scrum processes by unleashing the power of Excel.
For Enterprise Zone | February 17, 2007
Bring the power and efficiency of lean-agile development to your organization. Learn how to lobby for the adoption of a lean-agile Scrum software project management methodology from someone who's been through it.
For Web Development Zone | June 29, 2006
Enhance users' sense of control with Dojo AJAX calls instead of page reloads. Use Dojo's AJAX API to cleanly invoke Struts actions.
For XML Zone | December 3, 2005
As with most things, when it comes to serializing Java to XML and back, there is more than one way to skin the cat. In certain circumstances, Java-XML serialization can offer significant advantages over binding technologies such as JAXB and ultimately can save you development time. Learn the benefits and costs of Java-XML serialization using the excellent XStream library.
For Java Zone | June 1, 2005
Learn how to create Jython Procmail recipes, powerful mail-processing scripts that insert selected values into a database. Their ability to easily hook into existing Java APIs also makes recipes simple to implement.
For Java Zone | April 22, 2005
Don't wait until runtime to discover that there's a syntax error in java.policy. Use a simple utility to check java.policy at build time to avoid unexpected runtime failures.
For Java Zone | March 31, 2005
Java's Reflection API allows you to write code that adapts to runtime conditions. And you don't have to be working in a large-scale application to reap its benefits, either. Find out how reflection can allow your applications to be more robust and flexible.
For Java Zone | March 18, 2005
Save development time and effort by using Jython to test code syntax prior to writing your Java classes.
For Open Source Zone | February 4, 2005
By programmatically comparing your Struts configuration files against your JAAS policy file, you can simplify the process of keeping the files synchronized, and automatically get advance warnings if your pages aren't accessible.
For Database Development Zone | January 7, 2005
Set up quick and easy database metadata housekeeping with the Java Apache POI libraries and Microsoft Excel.
For Open Source Zone | July 19, 2004
Python offers some elegant constructs that enable you to write clearer, more concise code. Use these powerful language features to do more with less code.
For Java Zone | June 20, 2003
A Python port of a Java jar file auditor is cleaner in its implementation and more complete in its auditing capabilities. This article presents the Python port, discusses its advantages, and highlights some of the great Python features that allow you to produce robust functionality with minimal code.
For Java Zone | February 24, 2003
Uncover hard-to-find class name conflicts and jar file version discrepancies and redundancies with a simple audit utility.
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