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More articles by Dr. Neil Roodyn

Author Bio
Dr. Neil Roodyn is an independent itinerant consultant, trainer, and author. He travels the world working with software companies. Dr. Neil loves Australia, where he spends the summer enjoying the Sydney lifestyle and helping software development teams get more productive. Dr. Neil spends his other summer each year flying between northern Europe and the USA, working with software teams and writing about his experiences. Neil brings his business and technical skills to the companies he works with to ensure that he has happy customers. You can find out more from his Web site.
For CoDe Magazine | May 30, 2008
The Windows Live APIs now expose a standard authentication technology that lets your Web application access Windows Live user data easily, yet keeps control in the hands of users.
For CoDe Magazine | March 30, 2006
The sometimes-connected nature of mobile computers means that you need to build software that works smoothly as networks connect and disconnect. This article shows you how to build network-aware software using the Network Location Awareness APIs.
For CoDe Magazine | February 17, 2006
Software can have a huge effect on the life span of a battery; scaling down functionality is an easy way to drastically increase the lifetime of mobile PC battery. Do your users a favor and find out how to optimize your applications' power requirements.
For CoDe Magazine | October 22, 2005
This article follows a team of developers learning to use XP (eXtreme Programming) techniques to improve the way they deliver software. Follow this team as they learn about Resharper, a tool that may help them refactor their code.
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