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More articles by Edmon Begoli

Author Bio
Edmon Begoli a software architect with 14 years of professional experience on large commercial and federal software projects. He is a member of the R&D staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
For Wireless Zone | August 4, 2009
Learn all the major touch programming features supported through the BlackBerry JDE API. Along the way, you will see Java code snippets that demonstrate how to program these features.
For Java Zone | January 24, 2009
Learn how to access RESTful web services from a JavaFX application.
For Web Development Zone | July 21, 2008
Discover the power and simplicity of the popular AJAX/JavaScript framework jQuery.
For Enterprise Zone | June 11, 2008
See how Mule ESB, a powerful open-source enterprise service bus, simplifies the implementation of enterprise integration scenarios.
For Web Development Zone | March 4, 2008
Implement dynamic, entirely browser-based executive dashboards with the freely available Google Chart API graphing library.
For Java Zone | October 18, 2007
Get to know Lambda Probe, an open source tool for effective and comprehensive monitoring and administration of the Tomcat application server.
For Enterprise Zone | July 25, 2007
The integration of AJAX clients and RESTful web services results in powerful yet straightforward service-oriented web applications.
For Enterprise Zone | June 6, 2007
Need a strategy for connecting RESTful web services to an enterprise service bus (ESB)? Check out three integration tools that will enable you to reliably incorporate RESTful web services into ESB-backed integration solutions.
For Web Development Zone | April 18, 2007
Discover why RESTful web services are often called web services for developers.
For AJAX Framework Roundup | December 5, 2006
Get an at-a-glance comparison of the most popular open source AJAX frameworks and toolkits. The evaluation categories include installation, development, and support.
For AJAX Framework Roundup | December 5, 2006
Get a developer's assessment of how well the most popular non-commercial AJAX frameworks performed during the development of a dynamic application.
For Java Zone | October 10, 2006
Learn a technique for configuring your Tomcat servers to handle heavy traffic while determining how appropriate your current configuration is for changing load demands.
For Virtual Machines Special Report | January 30, 2006
Before embarking on a hardware purchasing spree to prototype and test that clustered backend solution you're planning, learn how virtualization enables you to build a prototype right on your desktop.
For Java Zone | December 2, 2005
Utilize Spring mock objects and Spring's extensions to the JUnit framework to simplify unit testing for Spring Web components.
For Java Zone | September 9, 2005
Find out what it takes to migrate Struts applications to Spring MVC. You'll learn not only how to transform Struts applications into Spring MVC applications, but also the logical mapping between the two frameworks and how key Struts concepts relate to Spring MVC concepts.
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