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More articles by Eric Jansson

Author Bio
Eric Jansson is Assistant Director of Systems and Development for the ACS Technology Center, a regional center supporting the development and use of technology in higher education. His work has focused on commercial and open-source application development in the field of secondary and post-secondary education.
For Web Development Zone | April 22, 2005
ColdFusion's Query object enables you to manipulate CF data using standard SQL syntax—even if that data doesn't come from a database.
For Web Development Zone | March 22, 2005
ColdFusion's <cfcache> tag is great, but it caches only whole HTML pages and most templating systems won't play along. Learn how to develop a custom tag that allows you to cache arbitrary sections of ColdFusion-generated pages.
For Web Development Zone | February 22, 2005
ActionScript 2.0's new PrintJob class allows you to add robust printing support to your Flash-based Web applications. Learn how to use this new feature—along with a code design that allows on-the-fly interface assembly on any movie clip.
For Java Zone | May 18, 2004
Java filters, the powerful—yet under-appreciated—components of the Java Servlet specification, can perform a range of useful tasks. Make them a part of your Java Web application toolkit.
For Web Development Zone | March 18, 2004
The Mach-II framework has only been around a short time, but it is shaping up to be the most important Web architecture around that supports ColdFusion. Learn how Mach-II can help you build Web apps that are stronger, more organized, and easier to maintain.
For Web Development Zone | August 13, 2003
As Flash applications move from media to mainstream, it's no longer enough to write code that just works. More prosaic concerns such as readability and maintenance become increasingly important as Flash developers begin to target full-size, mission-critical applications.
For Web Development Zone | November 12, 2002
Use Flash's robust printing support to add print functionality to your Flash movies or Web applications. By using off-screen movie clips and ActionScripts movie clip copying commands, effective printouts can be assembled on the fly.
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