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More articles by Eric Landes

For Enterprise Zone | February 12, 2013
Mature Agile teams use minimal branching and merging when they employ centralized source code repositories.
For Enterprise Zone | February 5, 2013
Agile teams need to practice good engineering practices. A repository integration strategy for remote teams is an essential one.
For Enterprise Zone | March 13, 2012
There's meaning behind the buzz term Agile ALM. Find out how ALM works with Agile software development practices.
For Architecture Zone | February 15, 2012
Incorporate Agile methods into your enterprise architecture process. The result will be an emergent architecture strategy that makes your projects adaptable and your developers happier.
For Enterprise Zone | August 17, 2011
These tips will help you advocate Agile principles beyond your IT department to help forge a full-fledged Agile organization.
For Enterprise Zone | April 29, 2011
Learn how to introduce executable requirements into your Agile development process, a sure technique for making your Agile team more effective.
For Enterprise Zone | March 3, 2011
Learn how to introduce Test Driven Development (TDD) to your Agile software development team and then help them continuously improve their TDD practice.
For Enterprise Zone | February 11, 2011
Agile software development teams can boost productivity by working in highly collaborative team rooms.
For Architecture Zone | January 26, 2011
Using a preplanned method for handling bugs helps teams with a smooth delivery and keeps them out of reactionary mode.
For Architecture Zone | November 22, 2010
Creating exceptional user stories is not the only key to help your team become a high performance agile team, but it is a piece to the puzzle.
For Architecture Zone | November 3, 2010
Continuous Integration is a practice that development managers, project managers and others in agile teams should insist their teams follow.
For Architecture Zone | October 21, 2010
Code review is a tool to help teams increase their software engineering maturity, and in the end this means delivering higher value to customers.
For Architecture Zone | October 6, 2010
This guide is intended to help software development teams start using Kanban within their organization.
For Enterprise Zone | August 31, 2010
Of all current software development methodologies, the most recognizable in mainstream IT circles is Scrum.
For Architecture Zone | July 12, 2010
A project manager can help mitigate the risks inherent in a project with remote workers by using tools effectively.
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