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More articles by Eric McMullen

Author Bio
Eric McMullen is a director at Falstaff Solutions, a Denver-based consulting house which specializes in data-centric .NET applications. Check out Falstaff's Web site at www.falstaffsolutions.com.
For Editorials and Opinions | April 18, 2006
Your value as a developer goes beyond your technical acumen. Make yourself indispensable by learning your industry and your product.
For .NET Zone | July 28, 2005
With Reflection.Emit, you can add dynamic typing to your C# applications and enter a strange new world.
For .NET Zone | May 24, 2005
Implementing simple patterns is often boring, time-consuming, and error-prone—just because they're so simple. But by using code generation you can prevent a lot of the drudgery.
For XML Zone | February 16, 2005
Modeling XML documents is often a balancing act between human readability and extensibility. But you can build an XML schema that gives you the best of both worlds by following these five heuristics.
For XML Zone | January 14, 2005
Native XML support is one of the most powerful features included with SQL Server 2005. Read these best practices to make sure you don't overuse it.
For Database Development Zone | December 17, 2004
Do you need to query semistructured data? Or maybe you just need another competency (a.k.a. buzzword) for your resume? XQuery can be both things and more, and it's coming with SQL Server 2005.
For Editorials and Opinions | October 27, 2004
Not everyone agreed with last week's editorial, which warned of long-term economic peril from offshoring. In this rebuttal, DevX contributor Eric McMullen tells why offshoring is good for the world, good for the U.S., and even good for domestic programmers.
For .NET Zone | September 7, 2004
Learn how WMI events can help your .NET applications listen in on a vast array of system activities and even take advantage of spare capacity.
For Editorials and Opinions | July 16, 2004
Programmers know their work is creative, but North American students are abandoning computer science in droves, which leaves one to wonder: Just why do we do this job in the first place?
For .NET Zone | May 11, 2004
Go beyond Visual Studio’s graphical tools to bring increased power and flexibility to your data layer. Learn how to modify your XML Schema and live in peace with your DBA.
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