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More articles by Frank Giannino

Author Bio
Frank Giannino is a Web Development Manager for a Fortune 100 company, and has worked on managed client/server and Web application development teams for several fortune 500 companies.
For .NET Zone | May 19, 2006
Sybase's DataWindow .NET control simplifies and unifies the process of building both Windows and Web reporting and data-entry applications—without compromising your control of either the data or the visual style.
For .NET Zone | December 8, 2004
Sybase's new DataWindow .NET lets you create powerful data-driven applications that provide advanced display and printing capabilities with less programming than ever. If you ever worked with PowerBuilder, you'll know why a .NET version of the DataWindow is such an important addition to your toolset. If not, you'll be surprised at the power of the DataWindow.
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