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More articles by Gautam Shah

Author Bio
Gautam Shah has been developing and integrating applications for over a decade. He has designed patented solutions that enable information sharing between government agencies. His interests center around J2EE, .NET, Open Source, BizTalk, Indian cooking, and anything that's vaguely interesting on the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list.
For .NET Zone | December 15, 2006
Amazon SQS makes queuing messages across organizations over HTTP a snap with its Web service interface and Amazon-backed infrastructure. This article walks you through the process to get started using Amazon SQS to create and control queues and messages.
For .NET Zone | September 21, 2006
To consume external Web services in Atlas, you build a server-based Web service proxy to the service. The good news is that you can leverage Visual Studio and Atlas features to handle most of the work.
For Web Development Zone | July 12, 2006
With its Swing-like development framework and its awe-inspiring compiler/debugger, the Google Web Toolkit eases AJAX development.
For Java Zone | May 4, 2006
Apache Shale, the newest sibling of the Struts framework, leverages JavaServer Faces to enable componentized presentation-tier development. Get started with Shale's Dialog Manager, Validations, and JNDI services.
For Java Zone | March 15, 2006
With the release of the Java Standard Edition 6.0 Beta, Java developers no longer need to contend with clamp-on solutions or Java Native Interface (JNI) to make their applications interact with desktop products and features. These desktop-integration features now are part of the core.
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