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Author Bio
George Clingerman is relatively new to the development scene. He took a short course in BASIC on Apple IIgs in high school and did not re-visit the computer world again until his freshman year of college in 1996. A lot had changed. George managed to catch up (some) and graduated with a math/computer science major in 2000. He has worked as a software developer ever since, and continues to refine his development skills and play catch up with the "old school" developers. George currently works with Visual Basic, ASP.NET, and SQL building Windows Forms and Web software for the construction industry by day, and dabbles with game development at night. George runs an XNA community site, where he creates tutorials for beginning 2D game development with XNA Game Studio Express. For this and other contributions to the XNA community, George was awarded a Microsoft MVP award for XNA.
For CoDe Magazine | October 1, 2007
Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Express gives you powerful game tools, and the ability to create games for both Windows and Xbox 360.
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