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Gerry Boyd is the Director of Research at NCS Technologies, a provider of world-class technical expertise and IT solutions that solve high-priority/high-risk client problems. Prior to joining NCS Technologies, Gerry was a Senior Software Architect at AT&T. Gerry has delivered numerous talks, including "Generating Applications from ObjectTeam Models," at the Cadre Users Group Conference, "Program Abstraction," at ObjectWorld, "ZOOPA - Zenith's Object-Oriented Program Abstractor, at Shlaer-Mellor User's Group and "Generating Object Oriented Software" at Bell Labs Software Symposium. to reach him by e-mail.
For Enterprise Zone | February 5, 2003
Executable UML marries an abstract program model with a platform-specific model compiler that outputs an executable application. If successful, this combination holds the potential for a major shift in development tasks.
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