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More articles by Glen Kunene, Senior Editor

For Security Zone | February 25, 2004
In keynotes and sessions, Microsoft representatives discuss how security enhancements in XP's upcoming SP2 help prevent attacks and minimize spam, and explain how simplified patch management and some fundamental changes to Windows itself close common avenues of attack. RSA announces two-factor SecureID for better authentication.
For Database Development Zone | September 13, 2003
Oracle is billing its upcoming Database 10g as the "self-managing" database. Its new built-in features will enable the product to assume many administrative tasks that DBAs currently have to perform themselves. DevX looks under the hood to show you how 10g works.
For DevX | September 11, 2003
Oracle's new 10g platform has the enterprise software maker betting heavily on the emergence of grid computing in the enterprise. At OracleWorld this week, they made a pretty convincing case why that may happen.
For Java Zone | June 12, 2003
Sun hopes to find 7 million new Java developers by introducing rapid-application-development tools targeted at developers whose skill levels and business needs call for simpler technologies. At the JavaOne conference, Sun demonstrated these tools and touted the ease-of-development initiatives that it hopes will attract these developers to Java.
For Java Zone | June 11, 2003
The 8th annual Java developers' conference was surprisingly un-enterprisey, with major attention not just on wireless but on consumers. There were, however, ripples of enthusiasm for Java language enhancements planned for "Tiger," version 1.5 of the JDK.
For Security Zone | June 10, 2003
Does Linux employ a more advanced security approach than Windows does? Does it better accommodate the advanced security demands of the enterprise? Find out what a panel of enterprise security experts said about Linux's ability to address rapidly evolving security needs—both now and in the future.
For XML Zone | June 3, 2003
Despite all its promise for free data exchange among disparate applications, Web application developers still contend with XML's shortcomings. Startup Clear Methods claims to have developed a powerful yet simple solution: XML as a general-purpose programming language called Water.
For Java Zone | April 23, 2003
The winner of the 2003 Sun Microsystems and TopCoder Collegiate Challenge speaks with DevX about competitive coding, why he prefers C++ over Java in contests, and why he may not even pursue a programming career once he graduates.
For Database Development Zone | April 22, 2003
If data is the core asset of all applications, why is database security so often relegated to a secondary consideration? Two database security experts explain why locking down your database should be a top priority and offer solutions for making it happen.
For Security Zone | April 18, 2003
Everybody's talking about Web services, but what about the security implications? Learn how implementing some maturing XML security standards into your Web services applications can assure an end-to-end solution.
For Security Zone | April 18, 2003
Should convicted hackers be hired as information security professionals? Can they reform? Do they have skills that only a hacker can provide? A recent panel discussion addressed these questions from four distinct points of view.
For Wireless Zone | March 18, 2003
Wireless development presents the daunting task of writing applications that must work across multiple device types while depending on unreliable networks. IDC analyst Alex Slawsby explains why being a successful wireless developer will require a departure from how you're used to coding.
For Enterprise Zone | January 29, 2003
Systems and data integration is an IT inevitability. Even in this age of interoperability and platform-independent languages, it is still a painful process. Some modeling technologies can ease the pain, but the real silver bullet may be changing how you work.
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