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More articles by Glen Kunene, Senior Editor

Author Bio
Glen Kunene is a Senior Editor for DevX. Reach him by e-mail .
For Security Zone | March 17, 2004
Your perimeter security can't be trusted to only the traditional defenses of firewalls and IDS anymore. DevX spoke with four IT security professionals and the one thing they agreed on is the way you think about and correspondingly protect your perimeter has to change.
For DevX | October 2, 2003
U.S. companies are saving lots of money by sending IT jobs overseas. And angry, disillusioned developers are talking about everything from political activism to organized labor in the hopes of stemming the tide of lost jobs.
For Security Zone | January 15, 2002
When a 1GB help desk database disappeared from Monaco Coach Corporation's systems, Kurt Sundling, Technical Operations Manager, was forced to find a quick solution and reexamine his company's business continuity strategy.
For Security Zone | January 15, 2002
A disaster recovery plan is the main component of a business continuity strategy, the policies and procedures an organization uses to recover from an IT-disabling disaster.
For Security Zone | January 15, 2002
Don DeMarco, Director, IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services discusses the role of IT in business continuity strategies and recalls his experiences following the September 11 attacks.
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