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More articles by Glen Kunene, Senior Managing Editor

Author Bio
Glen Kunene is the Managing Editor for DevX.
For DevX | May 8, 2012
In order to craft better content to meet your technical needs, we'd like your help.
For Java Zone | March 25, 2011
The JDK 7 Reference Card is a single reference guide for all the newly included, enhanced and changed JSRs that make up Java 7 -- everything from NIO.2 to Project Coin -- as well as like lowdown on features like closures.
For Wireless Zone | March 11, 2011
The Windows Phone 7 Cheat Sheet provides all the information you need to start developing applications for the Windows Phone 7 platform.
For Java Zone | October 14, 2009
Does Oracle's acquisition of Sun mean a merger of their flagship conferences, Oracle OpenWorld and Sun's JavaOne, into a single co-located show?
For Open Source Zone | July 24, 2009
The federal government's relationship with open source software became a theme at this year's OSCON, where keynote presentations centered on emerging U.S. initiatives to establish an open government platform.
For Java Zone | June 2, 2009
At JavaOne 2009, Larry Ellison challenges Sun's OpenOffice and JavaFX groups to innovate and wonders out loud why Sun/Oracle couldn't produce mobile devices based on the JavaFX platform.
For Java Zone | April 27, 2009
Oracle expects Sun to contribute to its operating profit right away. To make that happen, Oracle may pull funding and staff from projects such as JavaFX, Project Looking Glass, and Project GlassFish.
For Architecture Zone | March 13, 2009
After years of sharp debate about whether traditional or Agile software development is more effective, a recent keynote left me with the impression that the debate remains as religious as ever.
For Java Zone | January 17, 2009
Two members of the JavaFX team tackle burning developer questions about a variety of topics related to the recent JavaFX 1.0 release.
For Open Source Zone | September 24, 2008
Corporate adoption of PHP is on the rise. That means jobs for PHP developers, revenue for Zend Technologies, and maybe some ambiguity in the PHP community as growth makes for strange bedfellows.
For Java Zone | December 6, 2007
The co-creator of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) explains how his team plans to release a GWT version that compiles faster AJAX code than a JavaScript expert could write by hand.
For Java Zone | May 16, 2007
Only one of Sun's two debut JavaFX releases at the recent JavaOne Conference is ready for prime time: JavaFX Mobile. The other, JavaFX Script, trails way behind similar efforts from Adobe and Microsoft.
For Web Development Zone | December 6, 2006
Get an overview of the next frontier of AJAX development: the enterprise, where AJAX components can be the Web 2.0 front end of a SOA.
For Open Source Zone | August 16, 2006
While portions of Java are finding their way to open source by the end of the calendar year, Sun executives are speaking frankly about intellectual property encumbrances that are causing delays in other portions of Java SE—and their hopes that the community will come to the rescue.
For Java Zone | May 17, 2006
Sun came a lot closer to a promise of open sourcing Java on the first day of JavaOne this year, but meanwhile plenty else is finding its way to the community. Find out about where Java is going in Mustang and Dolphin, what was hot at NetBeans Day, what you can get today in the Java EE 5 edition, and why Borland, among many others, is talking a lot about supporting the heterogeneous open source stack.
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