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More articles by Glen Kunene

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For blog | April 19, 2010
Intel Experts Answer Your Parallel Programming and Multithreaded App Questions
For blog | October 13, 2009
What If Oracle OpenWorld Did Swallow JavaOne?
For blog | July 24, 2009
OSCON '09: US Developers, Code for Your Country—If the Government Will Let You
For blog | June 2, 2009
Ellison Hints at Oracle's Java Priorities: JavaFX-based OpenOffice Apps and Mobile Devices
For blog | April 27, 2009
Will Oracle Continue Funding Sun's Pet Java Projects?
For blog | March 13, 2009
Debate Over Traditional vs. Agile Software Development as Religious as Ever
For blog | January 17, 2009
JavaFX Team Answer the Eager and the Skeptical
For blog | September 23, 2008
PHP Is Going Corporate with Help from Zend, Adobe, and...Microsoft?
For blog | July 22, 2008
When Is Open Source Not That Open Source?
For blog | June 24, 2008
Force.com and Google Data API: The Cloud Gets a Little Easier to Program
For blog | May 29, 2008
Google I/O: The Web's Wide Open for Developers
For blog | May 7, 2008
JavaOne 2008: How JavaFX Has Grown in Just One Year
For blog | May 1, 2008
YAB? Just What You Need
For Java Zone | January 29, 2004
Although what's easiest for the Java developer isn't necessarily what's most desirable for the Java vendors, they recognize that the next great Java API will emerge from the mind of a developer.
For Java Zone | April 30, 2003
With a sweeping business strategy announcement and a new development platform release, Sun attempts to make Java simpler for developers and partners. It also may enable developers to get more involved in further simplification of the language at this summer's JavaOne Conference.
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