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More articles by Gregory L. Magnusson

Author Bio
Gregory L. Magnusson is the founder of Cyborg Spiders Web Development. Since experiencing X-Windows with FreeBSD in 1999, he hasn't looked back. In the current horse race of developing Web technologies, Greg is putting his money on PHP.
For Open Source Zone | December 6, 2008
The OpenBSD, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (oBAMP) platform provides a powerful point of departure for the creation of dynamic web content. Learn the procedures for running OpenBSD 4.4 with Apache SSL, MySQL 5, and PHP 5.
For Open Source Zone | December 22, 2007
A veteran Linux Desktop user breaks down his first experience with Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Edition, exploring its new features, and explains why he came away impressed.
For Database Development Zone | July 1, 2005
Got data in a proprietary database such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle 9i? The MySQL Migration Suite can help you move it to the MySQL open source database. Find out what's involved in the migration and how well the suite facilitates the transition.
For Security Zone | May 6, 2005
Designed to be "secure by default", the OpenBSD server operating system offers comprehensive security features. Learn how to perform a network install of this OS—along with PHP4 and MySQL—to keep sensitive data protected.
For Open Source Zone | July 27, 2004
Apache, MySQL, and PHP, three quarters of the LAMP open source platform that includes Linux, have made serious progress in Windows compatibility. This short guide demonstrates how to install this power trio on Windows for a WAMP platform.
For Open Source Zone | May 28, 2004
PHP enters the standalone GUI application arena with PHP-GTK. Learn the basic building blocks of PHP-GTK coding with a tutorial for first installing the language and then building and connecting its widgets, buttons, and functions.
For Installation | April 17, 2004
Make sure your version of FreeBSD and the ports collection is up to date.
For Open Source Zone | October 16, 2003
FreeBSD and its ports collection let you build a secure solution for hosting dynamic Web pages—without any out-of-pocket expense. Follow this step-by-step guide to installing and testing an open source solution based on Apache-modSSL, MySQL, and PHP. You'll serve dynamic Web pages quickly, reliably, securely, and efficiently from your own cost-free platform.
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