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More articles by Gustav Brock

Author Bio
Gustav Brock is a consultant and developer at Cactus Data ApS, an independent software house that specializes in accounting and time billing systems and custom database applications. He has been working with Microsoft Access since version 1.0.
For VB Zone | June 27, 2009
With the Microsoft WinSock Control and a few coding tricks, you can use Access as a high-performance syslog sender, receiver, and logger.
For Database Development Zone | December 18, 2008
Access can offer a lot of help with missing values, but finding and generating missing values in a field of sequential values requires a bit of code. Find it here.
For Database Development Zone | September 10, 2008
MS Access can retrieve and measure time with millisecond precision, but only with the help of a few well-known API calls and several user-defined functions.
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