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More articles by Herman Mehling

Author Bio
Herman Mehling has written about IT for 25 years. He has written hundreds of articles for leading computer publications and websites.
For Enterprise Zone | January 28, 2012
Cloud, mobile, HTML5, and Big Data will undoubtedly make an impact on enterprise app development in 2012, but Agile and Web-based IDEs are also poised for big years?
For Java Zone | December 7, 2011
GigaSpaces XAP employs a POJO-based programming model as part of its core.
For Java Zone | December 2, 2011
Cloud Foundry's open approach to Platform as a Service differs from many PaaS offerings -- and provides a particularly convenient platform for Java and Ruby developers.
For Java Zone | November 22, 2011
The CumuLogic Java PaaS solution -- a new player in the Java PaaS space -- enables developers to build and manage Java applications in a variety of cloud environments using familiar components.
For Enterprise Zone | November 1, 2011
How big is 'Big Data' for the future of enterprise app development? Even software giants such as Microsoft are embracing Hadoop, an open source framework for data-intensive distributed apps.
For Java Zone | October 20, 2011
The Java Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) market gets more crowded every day. How do these Java cloud platforms differ? What are their relative pros and cons?
For Enterprise Zone | October 4, 2011
Emerging app performance testing solutions are offering real-time testing, deep visibility into apps, integration with multiple technologies, and DevOps collaboration features.
For Wireless Zone | September 27, 2011
How do developers create and deploy cross-platform applications in the face of mobile device sprawl? Design for mobile first, says one analyst.
For Enterprise Zone | July 28, 2011
Is it possible to have nuance in the seemingly endless debate between Agile software development and the waterfall method? Yes.
For Enterprise Zone | July 19, 2011
Recent studies find a painful truth among early cloud computing adopters: cloud-to-cloud integration is a major headache.
For Enterprise Zone | July 12, 2011
What are the best -- and least risky -- ways to embrace the public cloud for your business-critical apps? Read on.
For Enterprise Zone | June 29, 2011
Cloud-based DaaS is a reality for organic developer collaboration thanks to advancements in browser capacity and the emergence of HTML5.
For Enterprise Zone | June 20, 2011
New survey finds that despite the widespread interest in cloud computing among CTOs, architects and IT pros, most won't relinquish total control to the public cloud.
For DevX | June 9, 2011
Coding productivity among Java developers is still pretty dismal – that’s the key finding of the Java EE Productivity Report 2011 recently released.
For Enterprise Zone | May 31, 2011
New integration platform as a service (iPaaS) offerings aim to relieve the pain of SaaS and cloud integration, which has been so onerous that many organizations have pulled the plug on SaaS projects.
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