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More articles by Ira Agrawal

Author Bio
Ira Agrawal works as a Technical Manager with Infosys Labs, where she has worked on different aspects of distributed computing including various middleware and products based on DSM, SOA and virtualization technologies.
For Java Zone | May 21, 2012
Use these four Apache Hive query patterns to improve the process of developing Hive-based applications, enhance code reusability, and reduce HiveQL errors.
For Java Zone | May 15, 2012
Hadoop alone is a productive framework for distributed big data applications, but combined with Hive it overcomes big data challenges even better.
For Java Zone | April 3, 2012
Step-by-step instructions for running an ETL batch job with Spring Batch and MongoDB.
For Java Zone | November 9, 2011
How does Hadoop handle big data? Really well, actually. Find out exactly how by implementing a Hadoop-based log parser.
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