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More articles by Jacek Furmankiewicz

Author Bio
Jacek Furmankiewicz is a Senior Java EE and Erlang/OTP developer at Radialpoint. He has 15 years of professional IT experience and is a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP).
For Java Zone | October 6, 2009
The introduction of Project Lombok, a combination compile-time and development-time code generator, has made Java POJO verbosity history. Add Lombok to your daily coding practices, and you won't go back.
For Java Zone | August 22, 2009
The Hessian binary web service protocol is a powerful and easy-to-use alternative to RMI, XML/SOAP, and REST/JSON for remote communication. Learn how to integrate Spring and Hessian and then create Hessian components as simple Java objects.
For Java Zone | July 14, 2009
Enterprise Java development does not need to be heavyweight and Ant-driven; with embedded Jetty and Spring, it can be lean, mean, fast, and—above all—productive.
For Java Zone | November 20, 2008
Data binding simplifies how you sync a data object's properties with their visual representations, and Beans Binding for Java (JSR 295) aims to deliver a default data-binding specification for the Java platform. Find out how to use Beans Binding and work around its onerous overhead.
For Java Zone | July 3, 2008
Get a high-level introduction to the YAML file format for Java developers. Find out how it differs from XML and JSON and examine its relative advantages and drawbacks.
For Java Zone | May 26, 2008
Get a high-level overview of the MigLayout Swing/SWT layout manager, along with an example that demonstrates its conciseness and power.
For Java Zone | March 26, 2008
The Seam Web Framework joins the worlds of JavaServer Faces and EJB 3.0, and JBoss Tools is a suite of Eclipse plugins that make developing Seam applications easy and productive.
How does the new JavaFX Script language fit with existing Swing and Java2D UI development? An experienced Java UI developer breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly.
For Java Zone | March 13, 2007
Get a comprehensive comparison of the latest versions of the major IDEs in the Java development space: NetBeans, Eclipse/MyEclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA. Find out how well each performs in four common areas of development: Swing, JSP/Struts, JavaServer Faces, and J2EE/EJB 3.0.
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