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More articles by Jack D. Herrington

Author Bio
Jack Herrington is the author of Code Generation in Action (Manning) and the editor of the Code Generation Network.
For ASP Zone | October 28, 2005
ASP.NET offers a few solutions for handling long-running processes. One of the best methods is to combine threading with either a polling solution or AJAX.
For XML Zone | September 9, 2004
If you struggle sometimes with XML's complex tree structure and syntax, you'll want to get your hands on (and your head around) XPath. XPath makes it as easy to view and query XML data as it is to work with a basic file structure. Find out what this simple tool can do for you.
For Java Zone | July 6, 2004
A scripting engine, built in the language of your choice, and embedded into your application can make a huge difference to your customers, who have concerns about extensibility. Even better, creating a scripting engine is easy and fun. See three versions of a spam filter engine built in Groovy, Jython, and BeanShell.
For Database Development Zone | October 8, 2003
As we race towards better object technology, some people seem content to put relational database systems out to pasture—for no good reason.
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