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More articles by Jack Herrington

Author Bio
Jack Herrington is a senior software engineer with 20 years of experience. He is currently working for Macromedia on the next generation of Dreamweaver. His first book, Code Generation in Action (Manning Press), was released in July. He is the editor of the Code Generation Network. Reach him by e-mail .
For Enterprise Zone | November 21, 2003
You can use off-the-shelf, open source tools to build a code generator that will port your application design to multiple technologies and languages.
For Java Zone | September 12, 2003
"Code Generation in Action" covers technique and implementation for building high-quality machine-generated code for today's complex applications frameworks. Read this excerpt about an EJB case study.
For Database Development Zone | September 2, 2003
There are many up-and-coming database access protocols, but exactly what do we need them for? Is it possible that those who would like to replace SQL for being slow should learn to write better SQL?
For Java Zone | April 30, 2003
Writing EJBs by hand is a waste of effort and time; using the passive wizards in today's IDEs is just as bad. The solution is to use active code generation. Learn why code generation is a good idea despite all the FUD against it.
For Open Source Zone | April 15, 2003
Doing a better job at documentation can turn technical excellence into universal acceptance.
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