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More articles by James Leigh

Author Bio
James Leigh is an independent software consultant based in Toronto, has experience modeling business problems and concepts in software, and specializes in performance and technology integration. James has a background in semantic web technologies and decentralized networks. He is an active member in the OpenRDF community, and he's a developer of Sesame and Elmo.
For Semantic Web Zone | February 24, 2009
Sesame is an open source framework for storing, inferencing, and querying of RDF data. The first preview release of the upcoming 3.0 version is now available.
For Java Zone | November 11, 2008
Demand for multi-core/multi-processor applications is growing, but developing for a multi-threaded application does not require a steep learning curve or an understanding of complicated edge cases. Learn how to develop efficient multi-threaded applications without using synchronized blocks.
For Semantic Web Zone | October 18, 2008
Formally-structured text that is published can be summarized and combined with other text to provide new insights.
For Semantic Web Zone | July 8, 2008
OpenCalais and Yahoo!'s SearchMonkey both focus on document metadata. OpenCalais is a new toolkit that allows you to incorporate semantic functionality within your blog, content management system, website or application. Yahoo!'s SearchMonkey API allows you to connect data services from around the world and integrate them into the Yahoo! search engine.
For Semantic Web Zone | April 24, 2008
Tracking the activities of a system and its users is too often not considered until the application is already deployed. Learn how to demonstrate an (almost) no hassle persistent bean pool that you can use to track the activities of an already developed system for later review.
For Semantic Web Zone | February 1, 2008
Discover how to use metadata for pooling information already resident in an application to create a flexible search interface that reduces complexity and increases users' productivity.
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