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More articles by Javid Jamae

Author Bio
Javid Jamae consults for Valtech, a global consulting group specializing in delivering advanced technology solutions. Valtech endeavors to help its customers through its global delivery model to create and/or maintain an affordable competitive advantage.
For Java Zone | July 14, 2005
Many developers need to capture transaction times for high-volume transactional systems, but have avoided using Java's System.currentTimeMillis() due to rumors of poor performance. Find out why currentTimeMillis() has gotten a bad rap.
For Java Zone | June 16, 2005
JavaServer Faces provides an alternative to Struts or Spring MVC for those who want a Web application framework that manages UI events in a Java Web application. JSF is now a standard part of the J2EE specification and provides a viable alternative to non-standard Web frameworks.
For Java Zone | February 11, 2005
Developers have always struggled to find ways of adding semantic data to their Java code. They had to: Java didn't have a native metadata facility. But that's all changed with version 5.0 of Java, which allows annotations as a typed part of the language.
For Java Zone | December 2, 2004
The mock-object testing pattern has commonly been used to test an individual unit of code without testing its dependencies. While this pattern works well for interaction-based testing, it can be overkill for state-based testing. Learn how to streamline your unit-testing using stubs and the pseudo-objects testing pattern.
For Java Zone | October 11, 2004
Struts is in fairly widespread use in the Java world, but the Spring MVC framework promises to provide a simpler alternative to Struts for separating presentation layer and business logic. Learn how to build a simple stock trading Web application using Spring's MVC framework.
For Java Zone | August 5, 2004
As a dependency injection framework (not to mention one of the more popular open source Java projects today), Spring links objects together using XML definitions. Find out about Spring and the ways you can invert control in your object programming.
For Java | June 17, 2004
When hackers break into your network, make sure they can't find out your secrets. It's a little more work to encrypt sensitive data, but the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) makes it straightforward.
For Java Zone | April 1, 2004
In an earlier article, you learned how to use an Eclipse plugin that supports XDoclet to administer a JBoss application server. Now, take it to the next level: Learn how to use the XDoclet plugin to generate code via a simple servlet-driven, EJB-based example.
For Open Source Zone | February 25, 2004
The wildly popular J2EE application server goes from full steam to mainstream with a GUI-based IDE that plugs into the Eclipse development framework.
For Open Source Zone | February 6, 2004
These days, just about every Web site needs security. This simple, step-by-step guide will help you understand the various encryption schemes and show you how to set up SSL encryption on your Apache server.
For Web Development Zone | December 2, 2003
Got a handle on how much your Website can handle? Use Apache's new Jmeter to perform fast, easy load testing on your Web pages, Web applications, and databases.
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