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More articles by Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo

Author Bio
Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo is a .NET delivery expert who has been working with the .NET Framework since beta 1 of .NET 1.0. He has over seven years of experience in architecting, designing, and developing applications. He is as an independent consultant who helps teams realize success through agile practices and pragmatic Behavior Driven Development (BDD) techniques. He has written articles for Visual Studio Magazine, DevX, and MSDN that use BDD to apply .NET pragmatically. Jean-Paul has presented on the popular podcast/screencast .NET Rocks! and DNRTV and has delivered Webcasts for Microsoft on the topic of design patterns in the real world. He is a member of the MSDN Canada Speakers Bureau and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). He makes continual efforts to update his blog.
For CoDe Magazine | June 18, 2007
Building loosely coupled application architectures requires more than just separating your application into different layers.
For .NET Zone | March 7, 2006
Find out how to take advantage of the generics capability introduced with .NET 2.0, which provides an elegant solution to performing range checks within your applications.
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