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More articles by Jeff Heaton

Author Bio
Jeff Heaton is an author, artificial intelligence (AI) researcher, and former college instructor. Heaton has penned more than a dozen books on topics including AI, virtual worlds, spiders, and bots. Heaton leads the Encog project, an open source initiative to provide an advanced neural network and AI framework for Java, .Net and Silverlight. A Sun Certified Java Programmer and a Senior Member of the IEEE, he holds a Masters Degree in Information Management from Washington University in St. Louis. Heaton lives in St. Louis.
For Open Source Zone | February 9, 2010
Encog is an open source neural network framework released under the Lesser GNU Public License.
For Web Development Zone | September 12, 2007
Find out how to use Linden Scripting Language to control virtual vehicles in Second Life.
For Web Development Zone | August 23, 2007
Millions of dollars change hands in Second Life. Find out how to create scripts to sell items in your own Second Life store.
For Web Development Zone | July 12, 2007
Use web service APIs along with these tools and techniques to construct your own hybrid search bots and automate your web data-collection tasks.
For Open Source Zone | April 30, 2007
If you have ever dreamed about building a castle, now's your chance. Learn to manipulate Second Life graphics primitives, and the only limit is your imagination.
For Open Source Zone | March 6, 2007
If you learned programming in your first life, you can now exercise your skills in Second Life, using Linden Scripting Language to activate objects you build in the popular simulation.
For Java Zone | December 7, 2005
Instant messaging is more than a great way to keep in touch: It's a full-fledged business tool and there are plenty of reasons that you might be interested in extending your favorite IM service into a custom chat application. But if you choose AIM, you'll need to be armed with some detailed information about its brand new protocol.
For Java Zone | November 17, 2005
Copying database data is a basic, yet endlessly complex task, because not all data copy operations are alike. But the sample database-copy classes you'll find here provide a basic template for nearly every type of copy you need to perform.
For Java Zone | October 19, 2005
J2SE 5.0 introduced many additions to the collections API that you need to be aware of to properly implement generic custom collections that work seamlessly with multiple types and the new "for each" construct.
For Java Zone | September 8, 2005
Although you may be completely at ease with Java collections in previous versions, J2SE 5.0 collections are both simpler and different, requiring less code—but altered programming techniques.
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