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Jim Duffy is founder and president of TakeNote Technologies, an award-winning training and software development company. He has a BS degree in Computer and Information Systems and over 19 years of programming and training experience. He is an energetic trainer, skilled developer, and has been published in leading developer-oriented publications. Jim, a Microsoft MVP award recipient, is a popular speaker at regional user groups and developer conferences. He is also a co-host of Computers 2K4, a call-in radio show on WRBZ (AM 850), 850 The Buzz, in Raleigh, NC. Jim is also the author of TakeNote's popular VFP database auditing product, FoxAudit. In addition to his duties with TakeNote, Jim is also the VP of Sales & Marketing for Red Matrix Technologies, a SQL Server tools vendor who's SQLAudit product adds complete audit trail support for SQL Server databases. Additional information about Jim, TakeNote Technologies, and Red Matrix Technologies can be found at www.takenote.com.
For CoDe Magazine | March 24, 2009
Find out how to use the Virtual Earth AJAX Map Control and the Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio to add sophisticated mapping features to your web applications.
For CoDe Magazine | August 5, 2008
For those of you who have been sitting on the sideline waiting for "Orcas" to ship before you take a look at the new features in ASP.NET 3.5, it's time for you to get in the game.
For CoDe Magazine | October 16, 2007
If you're just starting to create ASP.NET web sites—or just switching to ASP.NET 2.0—you can get up to speed quickly with this handy guide.
For CoDe Magazine | February 9, 2006
Updated IDE features, new Menu, Toolstrip and multimedia controls, support for background threading, and a new deployment technology called ClickOnce aimed squarely at reducing the number of Web-based intranet applications are among the new capabilities in Visual Studio 2005.
For CoDe Magazine | February 7, 2005
Microsoft has introduced a number of new features and enhancements in the T-SQL language in SQL Server 2005.
For CoDe Magazine | December 7, 2004
Marketing professionals have long known the power of the word 'free.' But in this case it's all true: An article full of goodies, resources, tools, and utilities—that won't cost you a dime.
For CoDe Magazine | October 5, 2004
Whether you are building a traditional Windows application or a Web-based application, state is what an application knows about the user, their current interaction with the application, and other pieces of global information. Get a full assessment of the best techniques for managing state.
For CoDe Magazine | August 5, 2004
Save hours of valuable development time when building corporate or departmental Web portals with DotNetNuke 2.0, the latest version of the free, ASP.NET-based, open source, extensible, content management portal.
For CoDe Magazine | April 8, 2004
Save hours of valuable development time building corporate or departmental Web portals with DotNetNuke—a free, ASP.NET-based, open source, extendable, content management portal based on the IBuySpy Solution Kit.
For CoDe Magazine | February 20, 2004
Adding controls at runtime provides the flexibility to design user interfaces that can be different things to different users. By the end of this article you'll be using multiple Placeholder controls to build a fexible template page.
For CoDe Magazine | January 9, 2004
Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services offer an exciting key technology: Web Parts. Creating Web Parts in Visual Studio.NET is about to become one of the most powerful tools in your developer's repertoire.
For CoDe Magazine | August 7, 2003
Even the best designed applications need to properly manage errors—both the errors you can plan for and those you cannot. In this article, you'll learn error handling techniques in ASP.NET. Topics will range from handling common errors with the Try...Catch syntax to logging unhandled errors into the Windows Event Log.
For CoDe Magazine | June 21, 2003
Regular expressions, also referred to as "regex" in the developer community, are extremely powerful pattern matching and substitution tools. This article introduces you to regular expressions, what they are, why you would want to use them, and finally, how you can begin putting them to work in Visual Studio .NET.
For CoDe Magazine | May 9, 2003
Learn what it takes to begin building ASP.NET Web sites with Visual Studio .NET. This article will provide you with the knowledge you need to jumpstart your foray into the world of ASP.NET development.
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