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More articles by Jim White

Author Bio
Jim White is an instructor with Intertech Training. He is also co-author of Java 2 Micro Edition, (Manning).
For Java Zone | May 6, 2009
Spring stereotype annotations can greatly reduce the amount of XML configuration required to build and maintain a Spring application.
For Java Zone | April 22, 2009
The recently released early access edition of the new Java ME SDK (version 3.0) unites Java ME developer tools for CLDC, CDC, Blu-ray Disc Java, and LWUIT into a single SDK. Find out how it works.
For Java Zone | April 4, 2009
JavaFX 1.1, a powerful tool for building rich UIs across a multitude of clients, provides mobile emulation for developing JavaFX Mobile applications. Get a beginner's guide to JavaFX Mobile development.
For Wireless Zone | June 27, 2008
Java ME user interfaces are about to get an exciting boost with the early release of a new library and tool from Sun called LWUIT.
For Devx Special Reports | April 23, 2008
A fifth of the world's population will soon have a mobile device and access to the Internet. With that many potential users, is an explosion of mobile applications inevitable? If so, what technologies will lead the way in their development?
For Java Zone | August 27, 2007
JavaFX Script is a new scripting language from Sun meant to provide rich user interfaces to compete with AJAX, Silverlight, and many other RIA technologies. What does JavaFX look like, how does it work, and will it succeed? Those questions and more are answered in this introductory review of JavaFX.
For Java Zone | June 11, 2007
The simplicity and power of Ruby and Ruby on Rails have become renowned. However, finding a suitable IDE has sometimes left them wanting. With NetBeans, Ruby developers may find the productivity gains of their language are finally matched by an IDE.
For Java Zone | February 16, 2007
Confused and puzzled by the plethora of persistence options in Java? You are not alone. Examine how some popular open source persistence frameworks stack up against one another and JDBC.
For Wireless Zone | September 28, 2006
Just because Java Micro Edition lacks reflective capabilities doesn't mean Java Micro Edition developers miss out on the advantages of JUnit styled testing. JUnit-styled frameworks and tools can still improve ME application quality.
For Web Development Zone | May 2, 2006
Looking for productivity improvements in your Web application development? Take a look at a Web application framework that takes fewer lines of code than words in this sentence to have your first application up and running.
For Enterprise Zone | April 10, 2006
Get ready to dive deeper into the power and elegance of the language lauded as a possible contender to replace current programming languages.
For Enterprise Zone | March 21, 2006
Ruby is an object-oriented, meta-programming language that has many developers wondering if there are actually better alternatives to languages like Java and C#.
For Wireless Zone | January 26, 2006
As devices grow more capable, so too must our development and emulation testing environments grow. Find out how this first of two anticipated beta releases of the newly renamed Wireless Toolkit from Sun addresses many J2ME developer needs as well as adding support for new APIs.
For Wireless Zone | October 11, 2005
Building J2ME applications with a single code base that deploys to an ever-growing set of platforms is a tough and maybe impossible task. Find out how using Sun's NetBeans IDE with the NetBeans Mobility Pack can help.
For Wireless Zone | September 13, 2005
This summer, the 1.0 release of a new plug-in, namely EclipseME, affords J2ME developers another free IDE option built on top of this very popular and powerful platform.
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