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More articles by Jimmy Zhang

Author Bio
Jimmy Zhang is a co-founder of XimpleWare, a provider of high-performance XML processing solutions. He has experience in the fields of electronic design automation and Voice-over IP, having worked for a number of Silicon Valley high-tech companies. He graduated from UC Berkeley with an MS and a BS from the department of EECS.
For XML with Java | April 1, 2008
The easiest most and most efficient way to update XML documents is to use non-extractive parsers (such as VTD-XML) because they support incremental content update.
For XML Zone | January 9, 2008
For many common use cases, you can improve your XML-processing performance by taking advantage of XML-VTD's document-centric processing model.
For XML Zone | March 19, 2007
Even though XML and XPath have been around for several years, there's still room for performance improvements—and VTD-XML and its XPath implementation provide them.
For XML Zone | February 8, 2006
Find out how this next generation XML processing API goes beyond DOM and SAX in performance, memory usage, and ease-of-use.
For XML Zone | October 21, 2004
VTD-XML is a new open source XML processing API that provides a great alternative to SAX and DOM that doesn't force you to trade processing performance for usability. Find out why this Java-based, non-validating parser is faster than DOM and better than SAX.
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