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Author Bio
Joseph Lax is the principal of DB Directions, a company specializing in all aspects of database architecture. He has spent the last 12 years providing expertise on performance optimization, test design, and backup and recovery strategies for banks, telecommunication firms, and manufacturing companies.
For Editorials and Opinions | June 22, 2004
Grid computing isn't actually the fabulous architectural advance that the database vendors want you to believe it is. It's actually just the one that enables them to keep charging you more than they should.
For Database Development Zone | January 24, 2004
Pervasive.SQL and its ancillary tools may be a serious contender for the business of software companies needing an embedded database engine.
For Database Development Zone | May 20, 2002
SQL Server and Oracle each have very different methods for maintaining data constancy when accessed by concurrent users. Oracle maintains a snapshot of the data, which prevents queries from hanging without stooping to "dirty reads." Find out how it works.
For Database Development Zone | November 27, 2001
Compared to SQL Server, Oracle allows a DBA to go much further under the hood to properly manage data space requirements. However, space allocation in Oracle is complicated. Learn how locally managed tablespaces can let the database engine make most of the decisions for you.
For Database Development Zone | August 21, 2001
Oracle's SQL*Plus is no SQL Server Query Analyzer, but with a little practice you'll get the hang of it.
For Database Development Zone | August 21, 2001
In the last several years, I have built and expanded my career based on my knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server. However, I am in the process of learning more about the flagship product of Microsoft's chief rival: Oracle.
For Database Development Zone | August 20, 2001
The complexity of information storage and retrieval is hidden from casual database users, but that's exactly what you need to know if you want to administer Oracle.
For Database Development Zone | August 20, 2001
Oracle9i and SQL Server 2000 add enhancements to the standard SQL language that enable you to use the database to implement your business rules and processes—SQL Server with Transact-SQL and Oracle with PL/SQL. Find out why the Oracle database engine is better suited for this role.
For Get Help | November 1, 2000
How best to capture changes that have occurred in a database using triggers.
For Get Help | October 1, 2000
The article describes a simple process for assessing and mitigating risk from data loss.
For Get Help | September 1, 2000
In this 10-Minute Solution, Joe Lax demonstrates how to use Dynamic SQL to process those changes and apply them to the second database.
For Get Help | February 1, 2000
SQL Server 7 provides another method for obtaining metadata: the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views. The article introduces these views and shows how they can provide critical information about your database.
For Get Help | January 1, 2000
The article describes a basic understanding of the metadata in a database. Though theoretical in nature, it can be used to solve complex problems.
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