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More articles by Jon Dickinson

Author Bio
Jon Dickinson is the principal consultant at Accolade Consulting. He focuses on helping organizations improve the software they deliver through agile development techniques.
For Architecture Zone | June 30, 2009
User stories are a lightweight mechanism for gathering and verifying user requirements on Agile projects. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose the context of stories. Find out how techniques from user-centered design (UCD) can help avoid this problem.
For Enterprise Zone | June 17, 2009
When integrated, Agile software development and User-Centered Design (UCD) allow development teams to extract the right information from their users, to verify assumptions, and to validate design decisions.
For Java Zone | July 25, 2008
Template engines have long been the de-facto standard for rendering views in Java web development. Learn why templates are far from ideal and how Groovy builders provide a literate solution for bringing view rendering back into your code.
For Java Zone | April 7, 2008
Once you have built a Grails project, how do you deploy it? Learn how to use Groovy builders, filters, and tags to deliver a Grails project. Along the way you'll delve into AJAX and deploy a Grails application in Tomcat.
For Java Zone | March 20, 2008
Need to clear out the clutter of your Java web development? Say hello to coding by convention with Grails.
For Java Zone | September 6, 2006
Rather than modifying your Log4J configuration and then redeploying the correct code version with the modified logging level, you can dynamically set the Log4J logging level over each node in a Tomcat cluster with JMX.
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