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Author Bio
Jonathan Bruce is XQuery Technology Evangelist for DataDirect Technologies and its parent company Progress Software Corporation. He is focused on advancing the XQuery and XQJ standards and driving the adoption of DataDirect's new XML query technologies. Jonathan joined DataDirect after seven years at Sun Microsystems where he served as the JDBC Specification Lead and Architect for the Java platform. A technical and specification architect with significant experience in leading industry standards such as Java, J2EE and SQL, he led four Java specification request efforts that have contributed to the J2SE and J2EE platforms. His background also includes business development, sales support as well as inbound and outbound licensing consulting for the Java platform and database-dependent components of Sun�s Java Enterprise System.
For XML Zone | April 28, 2005
Developers are under increasing pressure to work with heterogeneous information. The advent of XML provided a data representation suitable for both regular (database tables) and irregular content, and was a significant step forward, but representation alone is not enough. We need a powerful standardized method for querying that data as well. XQuery fulfills that need.
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