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More articles by Jonathan Mack

Author Bio
As Senior Technical Architect in the Corporate Office of Technology of Guardian Life, Jonathan Mack guides the architecture of major re-engineering projects implementing state-of-the-art SOA and BPM. Prior to Guardian, as chief architect at 1-800-Flowers.com, Jonathan led efforts to make its multi-brand, multi-channel initiatives service-oriented. Through his career on the cutting edge of technological change, Jonathan has garnered valuable insight into the opportunities and risks involved in transforming enterprises from siloed, legacy environments to agile service-oriented architectures.
For Architecture Zone | March 13, 2009
Is Enterprise Architecture (EA) relevant in the midst of the financial crisis? Yes, as long as it adapts its strategies to changed conditions and provides productive efforts to meet the challenges and opportunities that such conditions bring.
For Architecture Zone | December 3, 2008
When upper management requires your enterprise architecture to prove its worth, how do you answer the call?
For Architecture Zone | August 14, 2008
What are the key elements to successfully implement SOA? What are the obstacles and how can they be overcome? Providing insights from major SOA implementations at Fortune 500 companies, the author looks under the covers to provide first-hand insights on meeting SOA’s challenges.
For Architecture Zone | June 25, 2008
Understanding where semantic technology fits in enterprise architecture is crucial to successful adoption
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