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More articles by Joshua D. Drake

Author Bio
Joshua D. Drake is President of Command Prompt, Inc. a dedicated PostgreSQL support and custom programming company. He is also the co-author of "Practical PostgreSQL" from O'Reilly and Associates.
For Open Source Zone | March 7, 2006
Linux is Linux—you can use any distribution; the real difference between distributions lies primarily in how much effort it takes to accomplish your specific goals. The five distributions compared here represent the "Who's Who" of the major English-language distributions.
For Database Development Zone | October 14, 2005
Looking for a database? This handy database feature comparison matrix and glossary let you compare and contrast the supported features of four popular open source databases: Apache Derby 10.1, MySQL 5.0, PostgreSQL 8.1, and One$DB 4.0.
For Web Development Zone | September 29, 2005
Giving Apache the ability to run Python scripts opens up a wealth of options for eliminating those old CGI scripts and using Python for your Web development tasks—and gives your scripts a big performance boost into the bargain!
For Open Source Zone | August 26, 2005
The combination of Python and PostgreSQL is potent, particularly when you use the Psycopg2 driver.
For Database Development Zone | October 7, 2004
While transactions are nice, PostgreSQL's current all-or-nothing transaction mechanism leaves much to be desired when an error occurs within the transaction code. Fortunately, the upcoming PostgreSQL version 8 addresses that problem by adding "savepoints," letting you roll back only part of a transaction and recover from errors gracefully.
For Open Source Zone | August 10, 2004
Although PostgreSQL doesn't include full-text indexing and search capabilities by default, you can install and use the TSearch2 module that ships with PostgreSQL to index and search large amounts of text efficiently.
For Open Source Zone | April 27, 2004
Even at the enterprise server level, there are wide differences between Linux distributions, not only in price, but in ease of installation, included features and software, and particularly in ease of administration. See how the two most popular Linux enterprise server distributions match up.
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