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Author Bio
Justin Murray is a technical consultant at HP and has worked for the company for 14 years. He has taught and delivered consulting to HP customers and staff on a variety of subjects including optimizing performance of Java and Web-services applications. He can be reached at justin.murray@hp.com.
For Enterprise Zone | January 30, 2003
So now that you know how important foresight and planned management are to the success of your organization's Web services transition, the next step is knowing what you need to squeeze out of your management platform. We give you practical advice in eight easy steps.
For Enterprise Zone | January 21, 2003
When you deploy any application, you are expected to have a plan for management and maintenance of that codebase: That's part of the job. But developers have been so busy learning Web services that management issues have taken a back seat. Use these requirements as a checklist for investigating products that should underlie your company's vital Web services and facilitate their long-term management.
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