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More articles by Klaus Aschenbrenner

Author Bio
Klaus Aschenbrenner is software architect and consultant for ANECON in Vienna, Austria. He helps software architects and developers design and implement enterprise solutions based on the .NET Framework and Web services. Find further information about Klaus Aschenbrenner at his weblog.
For Enterprise Zone | November 14, 2005
One of the seven application blocks in Microsoft's new Enterprise Library is dedicated only to security issues: the Cryptography Application Block. See how easily you can implement it in your .NET applications to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data.
For Database Development Zone | September 12, 2005
SQL Server 2005 offers improvements in authentication and authorization, as well as native support for cryptography—features that enable more secure database application design and implementation than previous releases.
For Database Development Zone | June 28, 2005
Because of the complex configuration options required to write SQL Server 2005 Notification Services (SQLNS) applications, it can be difficult to get started, but after you've learned the concepts and ideas behind SQLNS, you'll find yourself able to write great applications that are both scalable and extensible using common interfaces.
For Enterprise Zone | June 7, 2005
Microsoft's Enterprise Library is a configurable and extensible software library that consists of seven integrated application blocks. Get a close look at all the goodies inside this powerful package.
For .NET Zone | August 17, 2004
The build process inside Visual Studio has been redesigned from scratch in Visual Studio 2005, stripped out from the confines of the IDE, and shipped all on its own as a separate tool called MSBuild. And because MSBuild is part of the .NET Framework 2.0, you can start customizing your own build processes and extend them with user-defined tasks.
For .NET Zone | June 29, 2004
The offline functionality provided by smart clients offers a lot of opportunity for developers, but there are numerous implementation approaches. The Smart Client Offline Application Block from Microsoft will disperse the confusion and let you leverage this technology in your own smart clients right away.
For Database Development Zone | March 23, 2004
Yukon's new XML support features cut out the middleman and allow you to deal with your data directly on the database tier. Learn how to use these features to improve your database app's performance and design.
For Security Zone | January 6, 2004
Microsoft's Web Services Enhancements for .NET (WSE) 2.0 toolkit improves existing specifications such as WS-Security. This article examines its WS-Security improvements and shows how you can upgrade your Web services to WSE 2.0.
For Security Zone | May 12, 2003
Implement secure .NET Web services by digitally signing, encrypting, and adding security credentials to SOAP messages.
For Database Development Zone | November 7, 2002
The SQLXML Managed Classes enable developers to access SQLXML technology from .NET applications. This article describes some of these classes and how to use them.
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