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More articles by Kulvir Singh Bhogal

Author Bio
Kulvir Singh Bhogal works as an IBM consultant, devising and implementing J2EE-centric solutions at customer sites across the nation.
For Java Zone | September 19, 2006
If you've ever wanted to create a Java application that could send out e-mail via a Web form, you need JavaMail in your toolbox. Find out how you can allow a simple JSP page to send out e-mail using IBM tools and the JavaMail API.
For Java Zone | August 10, 2006
Testing your Java applications against a database can be a pretty painless endeavor thanks to the Cloudscape database built in to IBM's Rational Application Developer. For those who have an interest in this platform, this article will show you the ropes of setting up a simple test bed for your JDBC code.
For Java Zone | May 25, 2006
Making WebSphere Application Server cooperate with MySQL isn't hard. Follow along to create a DataSource that marries WAS and MySQL.
For Java Zone | April 28, 2006
You don't have to automate Excel or use Jakarta to create simple Excel spreadsheets. Find out how to create them dynamically using a Java servlet.
For Wireless Zone | June 27, 2005
The Palm platform is a significant portion of the pervasive computing space. Porting your J2ME MIDlets as pilot resource code opens the door to this large Palm device audience with little coding effort.
For Java Zone | May 26, 2005
Your modem probably supports caller ID, so why not leverage the service? Learn how to apply a client/server model that provides caller ID information via sockets and then consumes and distributes it via Java.
For Database Development Zone | April 27, 2005
JDBC database connections can provide useful database and ResultSet object information through metadata. Learn how to use JDBC's database-agnostic approach for gathering database metadata.
For Wireless Zone | April 7, 2005
Learn how to use the freely available BlackBerry JDE to develop, debug, and test BlackBerry applications. Follow this demonstration to create a simple HelloWorld application that exploits some of BlackBerry's own APIs.
For Java Zone | March 10, 2005
The FilteredRowSet interface, added to version 1.5 of Java, lets you retrieve a custom view of database data using a filter that takes a snapshot, but doesn't alter, your table. Best of all, it does this without a persistent database connection.
For Java Zone | November 24, 2004
This new Java API provides you all the necessary functionality to build your own messaging application in conjunction with Yahoo's instant messaging and chat software.
For Java Zone | November 10, 2004
These days end users expect to use the ubiquitous "clipboard" concept as a transfer station for data, and if your applications don't support it, users won't be pleased. Learn how to use the java.awt.datatransfer package to cut, copy, and paste to a clipboard in Java.
For Java Zone | September 23, 2004
The release of Java 1.5 finally provides built-in support for one of the most fundamental data structures in programming—the queue. This article explores the new Queue interface that's been added to the java.util package, demonstrating how to use this new support to streamline your data handling.
For Java Zone | August 12, 2004
As many developers can attest, logging is one of the most accessible ways to monitor the health and performance of your Java applications. Find out how Log4j, a logging framework from Apache, can handle both simple and advanced (multi-app, multi-machine) logging scenarios.
For Java Zone | June 25, 2004
Java developers have had the capability to include assertions in their code only since version 1.4. This article explains why, when, and how to use Java assertions to help you find and fix problems with your code—before you deploy it.
For Java Zone | June 4, 2004
Learn to use the more advanced features of OpenJMS to filter messages, create clients that can receive messages sent even when they aren't running, and create persistent messages that can survive a provider failure.
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