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More articles by Kyle Gabhart

Author Bio
Kyle Gabhart serves as the SOA Practice Lead for Web Age Solutions, a provider of technology education and mentoring. Since 2001 he has contributed extensively to the SOA/web services body of knowledge as an author, speaker, consultant, and open source contributor. Find Kyle on the Web at http://www.gabhart.com or reads his blog on SOA at SOAmatters.com.
For Java Zone | July 13, 2007
Service orientation is going wireless; it's simply a matter of how much and how soon. XML-RPC and the kXML-RPC library certainly are in the mix for this inevitable convergence.
For Web Development Zone | September 13, 2006
Through the power of CSS, you can transform an ordinary list of links into a robust, flexible Web navigation architecture. This solution delivers simplicity, maintainability, and flexibility in a compelling tabbed menu GUI.
For Web Development Zone | August 7, 2006
You need to integrate PHP content and JSP content in a single Web application. Should you convert the PHP to JSP, or vice versa? A better question is why choose. You can deploy both in the same Web application context.
For Java Zone | July 19, 2006
Delivering Crystal Reports on the Web via commercial platforms can be pricey. The Crystal Reports Java Reporting Component library offers a cheaper solution: deploying Crystal Reports as a component on an open source Java Web server.
For Web Development Zone | June 15, 2006
Did you know you can apply Aspect-Oriented Programming to client-side JavaScript form validation? Read on to find out how.
For Java Zone | May 16, 2006
As great as Hibernate is, a lesser-known Java persistence solution called iBATIS actually may be a superior technology for your Spring development in certain situations. Find out which.
For Security Zone | August 6, 2005
Leverage your existing JAAS enterprise security system to provide SSO across multiple subsystems. Implementing this J2EE security model will take your security architecture to the next level.
For Java Zone | October 28, 2004
Get a comprehensive guide through the process of obtaining LDAP client software (Netscape Directory SDK), building it from source, and testing the interface with Netscape Directory Server.
For Java/.NET Interop Special Report | January 21, 2004
Using technologies such as shared databases and messaging to provide Java/.NET interoperability may not be as sexy as Web services or binary interoperability, but offers the least risk and the greatest flexibility.
For Get Help | November 8, 2002
This 10-Minute Solution provides a brief introduction to the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) architecture, API, and programming model. It covers both authentication and authorization with JAAS, providing full working code examples that demonstrate JAAS security in action.
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