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More articles by Lara D'Abreo

Author Bio
Lara D'Abreo is an independent consultant with over 10 years experience in commercial product development in the US, Japan, and the UK. She's currently based out of Sydney, Australia and spends her time trying to make J2EE systems run faster.
For Java Zone | September 7, 2007
DocBook enables developers to create technical documentation in XML. Learn how to use it to transform its XML output to PDF and HTML automatically and integrate it into your development environment.
For Java Zone | January 11, 2006
StAX (the Streaming API for XML) is a memory-efficient, simple, and convenient way to process XML while retaining control over the parsing and writing process.
For Java Zone | May 13, 2005
Extend the life of your JUnit tests by enabling them to be executed inside a real deployed J2EE app, not just on developer PCs.
For Java Zone | April 20, 2005
You've decided to switch from EJB to Hibernate for persistence in your J2EE applications, but you don't know what to do with your existing EJB tier. Learn how a few decisions upfront, some simple ground rules, and design patterns can smooth the transition.
For Java Zone | October 5, 2004
Learn how to instrument your Java applications using log4j and regular expressions. It's as simple as mining your logs for application and performance metrics—in real-time.
For Java Zone | July 10, 2004
Learn how to implement application concerns such as logging and remote error handling across classes using dynamic proxies. Along the way, you'll find out what dynamic proxies and aspect-oriented programming (AOP) have in common.
For Java Zone | June 17, 2004
Learn how to manage paging for unbounded queries over large result sets—without blowing up your server. Strike the right balance between resource utilization and response-time requirements to satisfy your user demands.
For Java Zone | April 16, 2004
If your core business requires recurring high-volume transaction processing, you need to reconsider your batch-processing strategy. Learn how to leverage J2EE distribution and transaction control to achieve reliable, scalable, and efficient processing over large data sets.
For Java Zone | March 2, 2004
Find out how the "Chain Of Responsibility" pattern can rein in your beans and facades to meet evolving business requirements. Route client requests transparently to EJB server components without hardwiring client/server interactions or worrying about low-level plumbing issues.
For Java Zone | December 16, 2003
Your J2EE application is up and running, but you've got problems. The response time is slow, the batch-processing throughput is woeful, and the users are complaining. Learn how the application of a few key design strategies can alleviate your performance problems.
For DevX | August 28, 2003
Learn how a simple design pattern can make sophisticated JTable effects easy. Add color, style, and pizzazz, and make your rows and columns automatically highlight, change color, and flash in response to real-time data updates.
For Swing | May 29, 2003
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